Beneath the Waves is a registered 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization working to protect our oceans. Motivated by our mission – to conserve sharks and the habitats they occupy – we conduct cutting-edge scientific research and use our findings to inform environmental policy and educate the public.


We conduct timely scientific research aimed at generating solutions for pressing ocean conservation issues. Our primary cause is shark conservation, and we are currently engaged in several projects worldwide including studies on migration, habitat use, and physiology.


As top predators, sharks are crucial to maintaining healthy and balanced ecosystems. Unfortunately, as slow-growing species with low reproductive rates, they are highly sensitive to overexploitation and population declines. Beneath the Waves uses innovative technologies and research approaches for advancing our understanding of the biology of sharks in order to create evidence to support their conservation. Our leading scientists are engaged in work in the United States, Canada, throughout the Caribbean, Africa, and in Asia. Our scientific results are being used to provide environmental officials with the information needed to create legislation for the conservation of these animals and their habitats.
In addition to our research programs, we tell powerful and inspiring stories through media and create calls to action with our collaborative environmental documentary series, “The Global Connection.”