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Rare “Walking” Feeding Behavior Recorded in Nurse Sharks Since the first modern sharks appeared roughly 100 million years ago, these animals have had plenty of time to get creative in mastering the art of hunting. Protruding jaws, stunning prey, filter feeding, and even breaching out of the water have all been observed methods of feeding. […]

Nurse Shark with Rare Skin Pigmentation Recorded in Honduras One of the defining features of nurse sharks is a brown coloration that is present over their entire body. However, on March 22, 2022, recreational divers in Honduras stumbled upon a unique individual with a rare condition that completely alters the typical pigmentation pattern in the […]

Tiger Sharks lead Beneath The Waves team to Largest Seagrass Bed on Earth Tiger sharks, mainly known for their distinctive stripes and maybe even as the “garbage can of the sea” for their generalist diet, have added one more distinguishing factor to the list; leading scientists to the largest seagrass ecosystem on Earth. In perhaps […]

New Publication From Beneath The Waves The latest study from Senior Research Scientist Dr. Oliver Shipley, “Energetic consequences of resource use diversity in a marine carnivore,” was released last month in Oecologia. Blog contributor Alex Butler summarizes the study for us here–dive in! We have likely all heard the phrase, “You are what you eat”. The […]