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Monday and Tuesday in Thayer Preparations We started the week with two lab days to prepare for the rest of the week. The interns spent part of the lab time learning to use drone mapping software. The software allows the drone to fly itself and create mapped areas from the pictures it records. We are […]

Week 4 On Thursday, we drove down to Saquish Beach in Duxbury to continue mapping seagrass beds. This research is in conjunction with the EPA and MIT, as part of an ongoing project through NOAA’s SeaGrants program. When we got down to the beach, we split up into groups. Researchers sent one group to deploy […]

The internship program with Thayer Academy is picking up steam. Tuesday was a long and eventful day for the BTW team. Our goal was to understand sharks further and ultimately ocean health in the Atlantic waters off of Cape Cod. Our 16 hour day on the water started with a 4:30 am wake-up, to get […]

Our second week of fieldwork was full of excitement. With the field days planned for Thursday and Friday, our week began in preparation mode: practice drone launches, BRUV deployments, and packing Pelican cases. A series of equipment failures provided a learning experience for our interns as we delved into manuals and YouTube videos, stepping into […]