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Welcome to Shark Brain

Beneath the Waves started due to our founder’s love of sharks. Dr. Austin Gallagher grew up fascinated that these creatures were able to adapt and evolve to withstand the test of time. Over the course of growing and developing our organization and working with other businesses, he realized that these top predators embodied the traits necessary to enhance our everyday lives—both professionally and personally. That’s what inspired Shark Brain, a podcast where we share lessons, advice and stories that will help you live your life at the top of the food chain—like a shark.

We discuss the most powerful and insightful lessons and teachings we’ve learned over the years as researchers, entrepreneurs, and builders. Our episodes are themed around principles from sharks that can be translated to enhancing our lives, how to be better leaders, and how to optimize our performance. We also share some of our craziest stories—from the ocean to the boardroom—and feature interviews with friends, mentors, and leaders who inspire us to do our best work.

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