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Our Mission

Beneath The Waves is dedicated to promoting ocean health and using science to catalyze ocean policy, with a focus on shark conservation and marine protected areas.

Our Team

Our core team consists of professional researchers, scientists and innovators, who build, sustain and scale applied marine projects centered around at-risk species and threatened habitats. This team is supported by a network of policy partners, creatives, entrepreneurs, strategic thinkers and scientific advisors, to help optimize the efficacy and impact of our work. We partner with national leaders, local governments, business leaders and various stakeholder communities to inspire change in our oceans.


Meet the Team


Beneath The Waves has made a strategic decision to focus its programs and resources in the following timely conservation areas:

  1. Marine protected areas, working with governments and partners to integrate our work into their preservation of larger expanses of ocean.
  2. Blue carbon research, using cutting-edge technologies and partnering with threatened marine species to accurately measure carbon sequestration at our project sites.
  3. Threatened species, filling knowledge gaps to bolster arguments for local, national and international conservation plans.
  4. Deep-sea conservation, mapping biodiversity throughout the largest ecosystem on our planet.




Our strategic action approach to executing and delivering outcomes for the initiatives and programs listed above is to:

  • Conduct independent and collaborative research
  • Engage with all partners and local governments
  • Collaborate with the private sector
  • Produce and disseminate scientific outputs
  • Educate the public and future decisions makers
  • Assist with environmental policy change

Goals for Impact

We will be successful if the following is accomplished on the species and regions in which we work:

  • Increased establishment of marine protected areas and reserves
  • Protection of ocean habitat based on their value as carbon sinks
  • Sustaining and strengthening of existing protected areas
  • Improved conservation status and sustainable management of species
  • Increased production of science to accelerate discovery in our oceans
  • Fostering long-term sustainable development and conservation with local governments


Any Questions?