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Global Awareness

Beneath the Waves takes an active role storytelling and communing research and conservation projects, through engaging media, live engagements, as well as online.




Earned Media: Online press and media resulting from partnerships garnered over 2 billion impressions in 2019.


Social media: Highly active presence on Instagram and Facebook, reaching over 30,000 unique followers daily with news stories, conservation, and engaging media. In-house produced content has generated over 150,000 views since 2017.


Speaking: Members of our team have delivered 30 presentations and keynote lectures to universities and groups around the world, including an invited keynote in Hong Kong at the Royal Geographical Society, MIT, WeWork, and the Explorer’s Club.

Film and TV: Since 2018, we have regularly featured on the leading shows on Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, National Geographic, and the BBC.