Learning From
Our Oceans


Education & Capacity Building

We want to bring those who value the ocean along the journey with us. Education—and giving back to those who are still learning—is one of the most critical pillars in our line of work. From helping entry-level young professionals find their path, to mentoring graduate students, and even engaging students in the field or through virtual reality and video, teaching the next generation is core to who we are.




Local engagement in Bahamas: Working with Exuma Foundation, we have exposed 24 Bahamian students to marine research and STEM during our expeditions to the Bahamas.


Graduate student mentorship: Annual matriculation and support of multiple Northeastern University graduate students (9 since 2017), supporting the career trajectories of future marine scientists.


School programs: Working with Thayer Academy in Braintree, Massachusetts, we have worked with over 50 high school and middle-school students, exposing them to real-world science and our ocean programs.