We Are a Force

The Crew

We believe that more heads are better than one when it comes to ocean conservation. Great ideas and creativity can come from anywhere, anyone, at any time—not just the researchers and conservationists on the front lines. That’s why we created The Crew: a social network and membership group that discusses threats to the ocean and ways we can protect it.

Become a Crew Member

By leveraging our unique skills, strengths and experiences to guide us, we offer a platform where you can join the discussion. This allows you to find ways of contributing that work with your life, profession, goals and time. We help to arm you with factual information from the field that helps you put ocean conservation at the forefront. If you’re someone who’s trying to figure out next moves, career shifts or just wants to get involved in ocean conservation, we welcome you with open arms to our network.


Discuss Ocean Topics & Ideas


Attend Excursions & Expeditions


Action Strong Concepts


Provide In-Field Research


Update on Real-World Impact


Receive Mentoring & Coaching


Outline Professional Opportunities

Get Involved

Want to join our network? Reach out and our team will get back to you shortly to set up an introduction call.