Our increasingly connected world gives us insight into an undeniable truth – that every element on this Earth is inextricably connected.

Beneath the Waves is partnering with Nomad’s Land Productions to produce our first environmental documentary film series called ‘The Global Connection’. Directed by Sami Kattan, Beneath The Waves’s Director of Digital Media, each episode of the series introduces a new location, documenting its natural beauty and investigating an environmental issue that it currently faces. As the hosts delve deeper into the story, the fabric unravels to reveal how a seemingly local issue has much broader implications.

Using the power of film, the team will communicate what they learn at each location by projecting their findings to the community. Combining local knowledge with higher education, the team will then seek to find viable local and global solutions to the issue at hand.

In the pilot episode, ‘Little Island, Big Fish’, Sami journeys to Isla Holbox, Mexico to witness the largest gathering of whale sharks on the planet. While uncovering the tourist industry that surrounds this magnificent creature, he also uncovers the impacts this industry leaves behind that not all visitors may realize.

Production is underway in Florida to cover water quality issues in the state of 20 million people. In recent years, water quality has declined in fresh, brackish, and saltwater ecosystems throughout the state. The reasons for this decline, the connection that exists between these water systems, and how this affects humans, ecosystems, and wildlife will be explored. This episode will instill the audience with a newfound ethic for water in an effort to change individual practices as well as to encourage institutional change to safeguard water resources for wildlife, ecosystems, and residents for generations to come.