Phil Gravinese

Florida Institute of Technology

Today we dive deeper with researcher and Youth Making Ripples Co-director, Phil Gravinese. Phil is currently a PhD  Student at Florida Institute of Technology where he studies the influence of changing ocean climates on stone crab. He explains, “Floridians love seafood, especially stone crab claws. My research focuses on determining how anticipated changes in temperature and carbon dioxide may impact the growth of larval stone crabs. By modeling survivorship and growth, I hope to predict how sustainable Florida’s stone crab population may be under future changes in climate.


Q: What draws you “Beneath the Waves”?:

I grew up spending my summers fishing and crabbing with my grandfather. His love for the ocean, and the lessons he taught me are ultimately what led me to pursue a career in education and marine science. The messages we discover through our science provides exciting and compelling stories which can raise awareness about the importance of conserving our marine resources. My hope is that our work through Beneath the Waves, will help promote ocean education and dismantle communication barriers between the scientific community and the public.

 Phil 2


Q: If you could make one film regarding the oceans, what/who would be the subject?

If I could make one film about the oceans the subject would likely be about the importance of understanding how humans are altering Earth’s climate, and how these changes are impacting our oceans.


Q: When not in the lab, on a boat, or doing science, where can we find you?

When I am not doing science you can usually find me enjoying the beach, at a Frisbee competition with my dog, or coaching rowing.


For more about Phil and his research, visit FIT