Jeremy Kiszka1

Briefly can you describe the focus of your research and the species you work on?

I study the behavior and ecology of large marine vertebrates, including sharks, but also marine mammals and sea turtles. I am particularly interested in how they interact with their habitats and resources, and how human activities impact their populations and behavior.


How did you get involved in shark research and what advice would you give those interested in studying them?

I got involved in shark research nearly 10 years ago in the south-western Indian Ocean, while I was studying tropical dolphins. Dolphins adopt anti-predator strategies to reduce the risk of predation by sharks. It was the starting point of a number of projects on sharks. I started studying them among the north-west coast of Madagascar and in remore islands and reefs in the Mozambique Channel.

Jeremy Kiszka4

Please provide links to any of your research you would like to showcase.

Save Our Seas

Under Water Shark Surveillance