Ashwin Bhandiwad

University of Washington


Today we dive deeper with researcher and Beneath the Waves Associate Director and Film Curator, Ashwin Bhandiwad. Ashwin is currently a Doctoral Student at the University of Washington where he studies how dynamic environments shape sensory performance. He explains, “We would like to think that our sensory systems (hearing, vision, etc.) are optimized to our environment. However, our environment is constantly changing and we are changing to adapt to the environment.” His primary research examines the hearing sensitivity in larval fishes in early development and how that is affected after moderate noise exposure. He is also working on a project that seeks to understand how different visual environments can influence and shift visual motion sensitivity in a closely-related population of three-spined sticklebacks.


Q: What draws you “Beneath the Waves”?:


I want to help bridge the connection between people who love and try to understand the oceans with those people who have never thought about it. I feel that science education through film is the best way to show people the wonders of the natural environment that I’ve been fortunate enough to see.


Q: If you could make one film regarding the oceans, what/who would be the subject?


I would make a film about unique sensory adaptations to the marine environment and how those sensory adaptations can change under different pressures.


Q: When not in the lab, on a boat, or doing science, where can we find you?


Either out hiking or working at home.


Check out Ashwin’s recent interview on National Public Radio discussing Beneath the Waves!


BTW Spotlight: Ashwin Bhandiwad from Beneath the Waves on Vimeo.

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