The Ten Things I Learned About Whale Sharks From the Experts on an Expedition to Isla Mujeres

By: Elizabeth Henry It’s hard to believe that it has already been two months since I went to Isla Mujeres with some of my Beneath The Waves colleagues to swim with whale sharks. The opportunity to spend three, seven-hour days on a

August 3rd, 2016|Team Adventures, Uncategorized|

The Guardian of the Turtles of Isla Mujeres

By: Elizabeth Henry, BTW Social Media Coordinator At 1:00 am in the morning I found myself walking a half mile alone towards a large sea wall on the empty streets of Isla Mujeres, a small Mexican island in the Caribbean

July 21st, 2016|Team Adventures|

Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans

Best of luck this week to our friends over at PangeaSeed!!   Currently, they are being joined by renowned street artists from all over the world. Their mission: to paint 15 Sea Walls and bring ocean awareness to the residence

July 22nd, 2014|Ocean Conservation, Team Adventures|

Rumbles in the Deep

Have you seen Beneath the Waves director Erica Staaterman's TEDx talk?   Erica is fascinated with the voices of our planet's creatures and habitats, which form the basis of underwater soundscapes. While most marine scientists and enthusiasts focus on their

June 25th, 2014|Team Adventures|

Beneath the Waves for the First Time

Recently, our newest team member and social media guru Elizabeth Henry dove beneath the waves for the first time! Congrats Elizabeth on your dive certification. Check out her personal account of the ups and downs of learning how to scuba

June 17th, 2014|Team Adventures|