The image above depicts the satellite track of a male blue shark that our team tagged and released off Rhode Island in mid-June. The shark has since b-lined it south, essentially covering the entire mid-Atlantic in about 1.5 weeks. The shark is now heading east away from the continental shelf and into the high seas. This is fascinating data for our team, as the animal has moved 400 miles in 2 weeks. Our team will be looking into why the blue sharks are traveling to this pelagic environment, what they may be doing there, and where they are most vulnerable to fishing pressure. This is one of dozens of other blue and mako sharks that will be tagged this summer as part of Beneath The Waves ongoing efforts to study shark species in the high seas.


Image of the blue shark being released. Credit: Beneath The Waves Media Team Member, George Andreadis.

More info on this project can be found here.